My Journey

William Monague Ojibwe Artist

William Monague
Ojibwe Artist

I am the proud mother of two young boys. I have been blessed with their energy and zest for life. Both of my children were diagnosed with Autism, and that became a point at which I had to learn and understand more about the needs of my children and all the extra resources they required for their lifetime. So I understand the need for resources for your family healthcare.

Being in the financial industry for 20 years, I relied upon my skills and experience to know and understand what is available for resources. I truly have a passion for health and wellness which lead me to the living benefits side of this business.

Life was going along and then one day…………Something I had not planned for was a major life change. That of a divorce which impacted my life greatly.

After that, I made a decision to specialize, as a living benefits specialist, because I truly believe we require many resources while we are alive. As a family care leader, a business woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister it is imperative that we can help our families by helping ourselves retain quality of life and being our best.

From my own personal experience, It has taken all of my resourcefulness to create a unique financial solution so that I can help many women retain their QUALITY OF LIFE with their families.


I am here to share that you need to plan, so that you have the resources and solutions available to you at time when you can be very vulnerable as a woman. These solutions are to support women and so you can have a better life for living, with health and happiness.


Denise Keown, EPC
Living Benefits Consultant
“Coaching for Life Transitions”

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