Living Benefits

Disability insurance is designed to protect you from a possible loss of income so that you are your family can sustain your lifestyle. Similarly, long term care insurance provides an income benefit to use if you become unable to care for yourself due to aging, illness, accident or diminished mental ability.

Long term care insurance gives you the freedom and control to choose the type of care you wish, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the financial cost of your care, which can be overwhelming, will be covered. It is a critical part of your overall financial planning, allowing you to protect your assets and preserve your legacy paying pennies on the dollar today rather than struggling with the high cost of care in the future.

Our Plans

The Plan Details

Level 1 – Services, Supplies and Equipment etc.

  • Age 55-80
  • Unique plan
  • Minimum medical requirements
  • 95% approval rate
  • Covers the essential services while you reside at home
  • Eligible expenses can be incurred while you are physically or cognitively dependent
  • Benefit level of up to $50,000 lifetime tax free
  • Premiums under this plan are an eligible medical expense under the Canadian
    Federal Income Tax Act and may create a tax credit.
The Plan Details

Level 2 (included) – Hospital Accommodation and Medical Test Reimbursement

  • Eligible expenses incurred due to an illness or injury
  • You can access the benefits below without having to qualify under the regular Long Term Care requirements
  • Application
    The Plan Details

    Level 3 – Comprehensive Healthcare Plan

    • Comprehensive health plan that is personalized providing clarity and peace of mind
    • A plan that encompasses all the needs of the individual assessing on Quality of Life, Strategically Planning for one’s Healthcare with dignity and respect during their living years