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New Day

New Life

New Beginning

Changes For A New Beginning

Lifestyle changes can be smooth with proper planning.  While obstacles and trials make us strong, along the way the difficulties that can arise can have a detrimental effect on the entire family unit. It takes awareness of the situation and honesty with yourself to have these courageous conversations about these adversities and plan for the transitions that lie ahead.

I want my concern for others to be evident by the way that I care and help them protect their financial future – empowering them with the knowledge they need to take control of their finances and ultimately their lives.”

It is our faith that sustains us on life’s journey. If we can serve, teach, encourage and show kindness to our clients – then we are really helping them.

Important life transitions can include:

  • Changes in Career
  • Changes in Family Life
  • Changes in Health Care
  • Changes in Quality of Life

I can offer solutions with dignity and respect.

My role in your lifestyle changes is to help you with these changes making your future years uncomplicated and stress free.

Elder Planning

It is no secret that people are living longer today. With our aging population, it has become vitally important to understand all of the decisions that are involved into helping people transition into retirement and all of the important decisions that follow that set up your senior years.

Look for the unmistakable Elder Planning Counselor “Mark of Excellence” when you are looking for business and professional advice from someone who really cares about established and elder Canadians. At New Beginnings, we are qualified in helping you make these decisions and it is backed up by our Elder Planning Counselor designation.

Check out our blog for more details http://www.yourchoicebenefits.ca/elder-planning-designation/

Please ask me about how I can help guide you in your life transitions and moving forward.